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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Review: Blood Conscious

Director: Timothy Covell

Screenplay: Timothy Covell

Year: 2021

Brittney goes to a house on the lake with her brother and her boyfriend to spend a few days with her family. Upon arriving at the scene, they realize that their family and neighbors have been murdered. A man armed with a shotgun appears to be responsible, who claims to be fighting demons.

His encounter with the man makes both Kevin (Oghenero Gbaje), Brittney’s brother (DeShawn White; "Motherless Brooklyn") and the viewer begin to doubt if the killing that took place there is the product of a psychopath, or if the man tells the truth and demons possessed them. This dilemma is what newcomer director and screenwriter Timothy Covell uses to fuel the suspense in his script. The suspense is the best thing about the movie, and a great job is done in keeping it alive until the very end.

For the film’s duration, we follow Brittney, her brother Kevin, and her boyfriend Tony (Lenny Thomas), and it is clear that there is not the healthiest of relationships between the three of them. However, one of the strongest arguments in Covell’s storylines is only used specifically to move some scenes and is worked on superficially for the rest. Also included are several racial elements that suffer from the same problem; they are very superficial except for when they are used to move a scene.

The leads’ performances are quite good and help get the viewer into the plot, but the opposite occurs when the supporting actors are introduced. The performances of these actors are extremely weak and out of tune with the protagonists, to the point that the performances seem more appropriate for a campy horror-comedy. The dialogues in the script do not do him many favors either and highlight his shortcomings.

After a long path of suspense and where we want to know the truth about what is happening, we arrive at the final scene, in which it seems that this question is going to be answered. This may be a spoiler, but the ending doesn't offer a satisfying resolution, and it feels like the screenwriter didn't know how to finish the movie and took the easy route. A disappointing ending that takes several quality points away from what was until then a decent thriller.

"Blood Conscious", until a few minutes before its final scene, is a decent thriller, which takes advantage of the mystery about the cause of what is happening to keep the viewer interested. The main cast is a key piece in keeping the viewer interested in even the most absurd parts of the script, such as the almost casual response of the brothers after seeing that their entire family had been brutally murdered. Then we get to the final stretch, and everything is thrown away with a disappointing ending that never seeks to deliver a satisfying closure.

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