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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Review: Satan's Servant

Director: Ethan Gomez Zahnley and Jack McDermott

Screenplay: Jack McDermott

Year: 2021

The disappearance of a young woman puts a quiet little town on alert. After their friend did not come home, James and Tyler start looking for her, thinking that she has been the victim of a kidnapping. However, they all find themselves in the middle of a satanic ritual.

There are movies where it is difficult for me to be polite while talking about them, and "Satan's Servant" is one of them, but I will make an effort. I always like to highlight the things that a film does well, but in cases like this, it is impossible. Neither the script nor the plot, much less the pathetic special effects, saves something decent that can be highlighted.

The first thing that sends worrying signals during the opening scene is the lack of attention to detail. There is nothing in particular that I can point out as this is a problem that spreads through acting, directing, writing, and editing. Even details like maintaining a consistent progression of actions between scenes seem to be out of reach for the people involved in creating this movie. 

The acting is one of his main problems, and there is not even a compelling character or that catches our attention. Worse still, no one in this movie seems to be a professional actor, but rather they seem to be a group of friends who got together one night and decided to make a movie without having the slightest idea how to do it. The script is not very helpful to the actors either, and it is one of the worst scripts I have ever had to witness, where it seems like it was written in a flash by someone who had never written a script. 

To continue addressing script problems, the dialogues demonstrate how dialogs should not be written in a script. The conversations feel forced and with the need to explain each point of the script, which is not very complicated, to begin with. On top of that, you have to tolerate the painful events accompanied by a horrible and repetitive soundtrack that seems focused on destroying your speakers.

"Satan's Servant" is a movie disaster, and there is nothing in it that I can use to highlight any virtue, no matter how small. The performances are disappointing, the script frustrating, and the special effects a total disgrace. It is not even one of the movies that can be classified as so bad that it is good, and everything it does is terrible, period.

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