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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Review: A Quiet Place Part II

Director: John Krasinski

Screenplay: John Krasinski

Year: 2021

A Quiet Place” holds a special place in this circle since it was the first review published on this page back in late 2018. It is also one of those that we consider among the best horror movies of that year, along with "Hereditary." Perhaps like many of those who saw and enjoyed that movie, I had my doubts about the line that a sequel would follow. The ending leaves the way ready for a sequel, but it also leaves questions that could be addressed in a prequel.

"A Quiet Place Part II" follows the events of the previous film. In this new installment, the Abbott family must venture into the outside world. Not only do they expose themselves to the creatures that hunt by following sounds, but other threats from today's world await them as well.

Although “A Quiet Place Part II” is essentially a sequel, the opening scene shows that they couldn't contain the idea of making a prequel that would offer a bit of context on how the creatures came to Earth. After this exciting start, the film becomes a sequel, starting when the previous one ended.

One of the qualities that distinguished “A Quiet Place” was the use of sound or the lack of it to create tension. Like its predecessor, the mixing and editing of the sound effects are flawless and work like another character in the movie. Not only the sound but everything that is done well in the previous one, including performances and special effects, is repeated in this one.

My only problem with this film is that aside from the opening scene that serves as a prequel, the story doesn't feel like it expands on what we already know about the creatures and characters. In fact, how the role of one of the characters who perished in the first part is replaced is already an indication that they do not want to lose the family dynamics established in it and the crude way in which it seeks to repeat the same formula. It is inevitable to feel somewhat disappointed after seeing the little effort in bringing something new to such a unique story.

"A Quiet Place Part II" uses all the tricks that made the first installment a success, in particular its distinctive use of sound and silence. Although it's a good sequel, it doesn't feel fresh. Instead, it recycles many of the important points from the previous film and employs them in slightly different situations, but with the same outcome. When this sequel was announced, many of us did not know how the story could be extended, but apparently, that was never the main purpose.

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