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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Review: The Free Fall

Director: Adam Stilwell

Screenplay: Kent Harper

Year: 2022

If anyone reading this review has followed my work, they may have noticed that I enjoy movies whose protagonist is an unreliable narrator. This type of character allows you to play with the viewer's perception and keep the mystery alive while the viewer tries to figure out what is really going on. The concept of the unreliable narrator also gives way to unexpected twists and turns that have either proven to be great or a complete disaster.

Sara is a young woman who, after witnessing a traumatic event, tried to take her own life. After surviving the suicide attempt, Sara tries to recover with her husband, but the event robbed her of her memory. Now Sara is living a life that seems alien and with memories and events that don't make sense.

I admit I didn't do the best job of describing the plot, but it's hard to describe these movies without revealing crucial information that ruins the plot. Because that's what this type of movie is about, keeping the mystery as long as possible and then throwing an unexpected twist that surprises the viewer. In the case of "The Free Fall", the twist is great, if not completely unexpected.

“The Free Fall” begins with a shocking scene showing the event that Sara experienced that led to her suicide attempt. From this moment on, it captures the viewer's attention and does nothing more than feed the suspense, although it is worth mentioning that at times it completely moves away from the horror. This is the negative review I have for this movie, which is really a suspense movie with horror elements and not a horror movie.

For the rest, Adam Stilwell's film (“The Triangle”) is excellent in its proposal. Some performances don't work as well, and at times the artistic side is weighed more than the narrative, but as far as suspense and plot are concerned, a good job is achieved. After all the confusion comes the final twist, which closes the solid script and offers the opportunity to see her again with another perspective.

“The Free Fall” chooses to feed more suspense than horror, but this is a problem if you are looking for a pure horror movie. As a suspense film, it is great because it keeps the viewer all the time trying to understand what is happening and then surprises them in the final twist. The horror is scarce, but it is well placed and of a high level when it is presented.

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