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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Review: A Good Couple (Short)

Director: Robert Gregson

Screenplay: Robert Gregson

Year: 2021

A couple is not going through their prime, and it seems that their relationship is close to ending. Dan suddenly changes his way of being to try to preserve his marriage. However, his wife Julia suspects that there is something sinister behind his radical change.

Just when Julia wished things were different between her and her husband to maintain their relationship, Dan makes a sudden change that makes him the ideal husband. All this seems to be too good to be true, and this is what the director and screenwriter Robert Gregson tells us through the well-used special effects, which lead us to think that there is something dark behind Dan's strange behavior. 

The lead couple does an excellent job of creating compelling chemistry between the pair, which is more complicated than it sounds in this short film. In its short duration of about 13 minutes, the couple goes from arguing to reconciling, the drastic change in Dan's demeanor and Julia's mistrust and confusion. The cast is compelling in every facet. The script has a few minor holes, but it offers an interesting story with good pacing.

"A Good Couple" explores a crisis that seems to be bringing a marriage to an end just as it reaches a turning point and everything is ideal again, except that the wife suspects that there is something sinister behind the radical change in her husband. The performances and the good use of the special effects are vital in keeping the viewer interested in the plot and ending. In just 13 minutes, they manage to assemble a solid and interesting story with a surprising conclusion.

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