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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Review: Why Haven’t They Fixed The Cameras Yet?

Director: Travis White

Screenplay: Travis White

Year: 2020

“Why Haven’t They Fixed The Cameras Yet?” is a short film of 4:40 minutes runtime directed by Travis White. In this short film, a woman comes out of her work's Christmas party and finds that the parking lot security cameras are still out of service. There are plenty of reasons why this is a security issue that puts everyone at risk. 

The most impressive thing about this short film is how it can expose such a clear message that is so relevant in today's society in such a short amount of time. Toxic masculinity and workplace harassment continue to be present in the workplace and manifest in different ways, which can be a security issue for women. This dynamic is very well represented by the main cast composed of Lee Eddy (“Mercy Black”) and Lukas King (“Grimm”) and is the center of the plot.

Because of its short runtime,  “Why Haven’t They Fixed The Cameras Yet?” goes straight to the point and only devotes a couple of minutes to develop the problem that it later solves in an unexpected twist. The narration, acting, and cinematography stand out in this short and make justice to the interesting story. It manages to raise the tension and intensity to later surprise with an explosive outcome in its few minutes of runtime.

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