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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Review: Camping Fun

Director: Thomas Burke and David Elmer

Screenplay: Thomas Burke and David Elmer

Year: 2020

"Camping Fun" is a short film from directors Thomas Burke and David Elmer with a 13 minutes runtime. In this short film, a group of friends goes to the abandoned family house. But what was supposed to be a fun trip ends up being a nightmare for all that ends up with their disappearance.

The short film is presented in a found-footage style and follows a friends’ group as they visit a family farm. As soon as they arrive at the worn-down house, a dense and sinister atmosphere takes the film and lets you know that it's a matter of time before it all comes down. This intense atmosphere is responsible for keeping the viewer on high alert, backed up by some unexpected twists and a fast rhythm. 

"Camping Fun" has a good dose of frightening moments and plenty of potential, but is not used to its best. The inexperience of the actors and screenwriters shows through unnatural conversations, and the ending leaves more questions than answers. Still, what it does right outweighs the rest, and it's worth giving it a chance.

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