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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Article: Top 10 Independent Horror Movies of 2019

With the year reaching its end, it’s time to revisit which were the best independent horror movies of 2019. In this list, only movies that had a modes distribution or that went straight to a streaming platform will be evaluated, but we have also prepared the list for the top 10 horror movies that received a wide distribution in theaters.

Before starting fully with the list we have two honorific mentions, that both were excellent movies, but as they are not horror, have not been included in the list, but will be a crime not to mention them as some of the best of the year.

Honorific Mention: “The Fare”
I didn't knew anything about “The Fare” when I stumbled upon it and ended up being one of the movies that impressed me the most this year. “The Fare” can be classified as a suspense and romance movie, reason why it can be added to this list. It’s smart script with a captivating pilot and beautiful cinematography makes that “The Fare” is at least mentioned as one of the best independent movies reviewed this year.


Honorific Mention: “Parasite”
“Parasite” has been getting a lot of attention in movie festivals and with a good reason. Is not only the best foreign movie but can easily put itself as one of the best movies released this year. It is a shame not to be able to properly include it in this list, but “Parasite” doesn’t comply with the standards of a horror movie. However, this is a movie that is recommended on my part.

Now we can really start with the top 10 independent horror movies of 2019:

10. “Nightmare Cinema”
“Nightmare Cinema” is one of the best horror anthologies in recent times and the best one this year. With names such as Joe Dante, Ryûhel Kitamura, and David Slade as some of the people in charge of the shorts, it was expected that they were of good quality. From psychological illnesses to aliens, going through possessions, they make of “Nightmare Cinema” an excellent collection of short horror film.

9. “The Golem”
Focused on Judaism and mysticism, “The Golem” brings a creature about which we have seen seldom in cinema, but it’s shown that it has plenty of potential. The pain of losing a son, combined with a menace to their community leads a woman to invoke this creature known as Golem in the shape of a child and the chaos he is able to produce is exemplified in the graphic violent scenes. “The Golem” manages itself as a folk horror, one of those that keep gaining popularity, and is centered in a Middle Eastern culture that means a fresh breath from occidental horror cinema.

8. “Pilgrim”
As part of the horror anthology “Into the Dark”, an effort from Hulu and Blumhouse Productions, this fun movie arrives centered in the Thanksgiving Day celebration. Don't let the word fun confuse you, “Pilgrim” is dark and savage when it has to be without ever leaving aside the celebration in which it takes place. In this creative story we see how all hell breaks loose when a group of pilgrims do everything that they can to instill the value of gratefulness into a family.

7. “Daniel Isn’t Real”
In the final stretch of this year “Daniel Isn’t Real” appears, which has been making noise around movie festivals but that it wasn’t until the month of December that it was available to a general audience. This movie explores mental illnesses inside a supernatural horror frame, accompanied by a great audiovisual compartment. Captivating from beginning to end because of its clever script and great performances.

6. “Monster Party”
A trio of friends manage to work in the house of a wealthy family during a party in which they plan to rob the house, but their plans change once they discover the purpose of the party. “Monster Party” is a disproportionate violence party, that once it sets, is full-on madness, A great plot along with great acting and plenty of gore makes this a fun bloody madness.

5. “The Perfection”
Maybe one of the movies with more mixed opinions this year. It is clear that being featured in this list, I did consider it to be an excellent movie and one of the best ones that saw its way through a streaming platform this year. “The Perfection” presents a story as creative as convoluted in a captivating audiovisual frame and with outstanding performances. The movie is graphic and brings topics such as child abuse that are not for everyone, for what I can understand the differences in opinions about it.

4. “The Head Hunter”
A low budget production that mixes epic movies and videogames directed by a filmmaker with a good amount of absurd movies in his record that are not at all encouraging. However, “The Head Hunter”, with only one main character and limited dialogues, is a more than impressive film. Its minimalistic plot and cinematography capture your attention from the first minute and stays with you even after it’s finished.

3. “Echoes of Fear”
With a great atmosphere construction for creating tension and a great deal of well-placed and effective jump scares, “Echoes of Fear” came without making much noise to claim prizes in every festival in which it is presented. This is the sort of movie that doesn’t need a large budget to be frightening. While at the beginning it might seem like a typical haunted house movie. “Echoes of Fear” is much more than what it seems.

2. “Bloodline”
Family is everything for a lot of people, and this is the main topic that “Bloodline” explores through an excellent audiovisual compartment and an impressive interpretation by Seann William Scott. The interesting story along with the great performance of Scott is one of those that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a shame that it seems like it went under the radar of many horror fans, as it is one of the best this year.

1. ”The Wind”
“The Wind” is one of my favorite movies to come out this year, going above big releases and I will only put it below “Midsommar” in a best of the year list. The visual aesthetics together with an elaborate and smart script makes this movie stay with you for a long time and will make you want to watch it more than once. The slow buildup of the plot and the main character along with the dichotomy about trying to understand if what’s happening is real or imaginary makes “The Wind” an intriguing cinematic experience.

Do you agree with our list? Let us know what movies of the list do you think should not have been a part of it and what movies that are not in it should have been a part of it.

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