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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Review: Monster Party

Director: Chris von Hoffmann
Screenplay: Chris von Hoffmann
Year: 2018

Synopsis: Three young thieves decide to infiltrate into a party in a big mansion. Little did they suspected about the kind of people that will be meeting there and the purpose of the celebration. Soon they discover the secret and the party becomes a bloody chaos.

“Monster Party” is a movie I almost let pass by. It almost goes under my radar as I knew little about it and the title did not catch my attention. With everything against it I decided to give it a chance and what a pleasant surprise I had.

In the first half-hour of the movie, we get to know a trio of two men and a woman that are friends and that rob in an elaborate way in different places in their free time. The young woman gets a chance to work as a waitress in a party that will take place in a mansion and the group of youngsters decide that this is a good opportunity to rob the safe of the mansion. During these opening minutes, the character development is elaborated in a way that the viewer gets to like them and the connection between them is established.

Once they arrive at the party, they realize that all of the guest act in a strange way. Since this point, the tension begins to be developed until the first violent success, which took me completely by surprise. This first event is an unexpected turn that establishes the tone and expectations for the rest of the movie. From this part on information about the guests and the purpose of the party is revealed and the movie starts to navigate in the exaggerated, without falling in the absurd.

The major points in favor of this movie are the excessive violence and its low predictability, which go hand by hand. The first half of the movie goes by with little violence, developing the characters and the arguments but once the violence starts, it becomes a slaughterhouse where it is impossible to predict who will be the next victim and this is maintained until the final scene. The violence parts are well crafted with the right amount of excess but without reaching territories that might make them absurd or comedic.

The screenplay and direction of Chris von Hoffmann (“Drifter”) are very effective, without being anything out of this world. The story is simple and where it exudes creativity is in the violence and unpredictability. Likewise, the acting is great, and each actor transports the personality of each individual across the screen without the need for much explanation. Among the cast, some of the names that stand out the most are those of Sam Striker (“Leatherface”), Kian Lawley (”The Chosen”), and Julian McMahon (“Nip/Tuck”).

I am glad that I gave “Monster Party” a chance, as it has been one of the most fun and surprising movies I have seen in a long time. While the title did not make me get interested in it and the beginning of the movie made me doubt as to where direction it would follow, this movie surprised me countless times and managed to keep me interested. “Monster Party” is a fun madness as I remember few, and if like me you are considering watching it, my recommendation is that you do so.

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