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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Review: Something in the Dirt

Director: Justin Benson y Aaron Moorhead

Guion: Justin Benson

Year: 2023

After moving into an apartment in Los Angeles, Levi meets John, and together they try to understand the paranormal things that happen there. Both decide to record the events with the idea of ​​making a documentary. However, the closer they reach the truth, the more they endanger themselves.

“Something in the Dirt” is marketed as a sci-fi mystery horror movie, but the latter classification doesn’t fit because there isn't any of it. The plot does have moments of tension and suspense, but it doesn't really have any element of horror. Instead, the entire film unfolds like a simmering sci-fi mystery.

The pacing of the film is its biggest problem. Each of its 116 long minutes feels like such, thanks to how slowly the plot is developed. The unnecessarily long scenes that do not add anything to the development of the film are the main culprit for the pace being so slow and boring.

For most of the film, we follow John and Levi, played by Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, respectively, who also serves as director and the latter as a screenwriter. The acting is decent, but nothing special. While it is not a problem to see the protagonists, it is not that their work manages to break the monotony of the plot.

Overall, “Something in the Dirt” brings some good ideas to the plate, but its slow pace makes it difficult to enjoy. On top of this, it is marketed as a horror film, but there is nothing that can even justify this classification. The mystery is gripping at first, but the extended scenes that do not lead to any link make it almost impossible to immerse yourself in the story.

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