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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Review: Cyst

Director: Tyler Russell

Screenplay: Tyler Russell and Andy Silverman

Year: 2022

“Cyst” takes place in the office of a crazy skin cyst removal specialist in the 1960s. The doctor has been working on a new technology for cyst removal, for which he is seeking a patent. To demonstrate the capabilities of his machine, the doctor injects an intern with a serum to grow sebaceous cysts, resulting in the cyst turning into a colossal monster that seeks to kill the doctor, his assistant Patricia, and all the rest of the people in the office.

From its name, cover and synopsis, it is already clear that “Cyst” is an absurd humor movie in which you must disconnect your brain and enjoy it for what it is. Apart from what has already been mentioned, the presence of George Hardy in the cast is another warning of the type of movie it is. If you don't recognize the name, George Hardy is one of the actors in "Troll 2," recognized as one of the worst horror movies ever made. In case you're interested, "Cyst" has some fun references to this classic.

Unlike "Troll 2," which was really meant to be a serious movie, director Tyler Russell acknowledges that this kind of tight-budget projects can't hope to be a movie with a serious plot and leans toward a style that suits best for your conditions. However, it cannot be said that it is an excellent film in this genre.

The plot of "Cyst" is quite simple, and its primary purpose is to create the right conditions for the monstrous cyst. Therefore, the story does not do much to attract the viewer, besides it has many holes and problems with continuity and coherence. It is not fair to judge this movie by its plot since its goal does not lie in its quality but in what is its main problem, which is how little entertaining it ends up being.

In general, everything that "Cyst" presents fulfills its objective, but it does so in a mediocre way, and as a whole, it is softer than it should be. The monster and the special effects look pretty good considering the resources available, but they never create a sense of danger or disgust that elevates them to the point of importance in the movie that they purport to be. The performances are exaggerated, which is expected, but they also fail to be memorable or at least funny. 

“Cyst” seeks to homage to the monster movie genre of yesteryear with an absurd creature, plot, special effects, and performances that follow that line very well. All its elements complement each other well, but the result is a mediocre and bland one. Considering its resources and goals, "Cyst" isn't a bad movie, but it isn't memorable either. If you're looking to switch off your brain for a while and enjoy an absurd story without expecting anything surprising, "Cyst" could be an attractive proposition.

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