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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Review: The Curse Of La Patasola

Director: AJ Jones

Screenplay: AJ Jones and Shaun Mathis

Year: 2022

With the recent torrent of movies about the legend of La Llorona, I thought this would be another one to add to that list. By way of clarification for those who are equally confused, “The Curse of La Patasola” is not another story about La Llorona. However, it is a story not very far from this legend. 

The film's plot focuses on two couples, whose respective relationships are going through a difficult time, who go to a forest to spend a weekend. Their weekend trip soon turns into a relationship-testing exercise. Away from all civilization, the couples are chased by La Patasola, a monster from Amazonian folklore.

A horror film based on a South American legend about a woman who torments the protagonists. If this plot sounds familiar to you, you are not alone since it is the same plot of all the movies related to La Llorona. In this case, the absence of the mythical ghost woman is replaced by another ghost woman with a slightly different background, but in the end, for how these legends are used in horror movies, it is not so different either.

“The Curse of La Patasola” follows the same style as all generic horror movies in this field. First, we have some scenes where we meet the protagonists until we reach an exposition scene where one of them reveals the legend that concerns us. At that moment, we realize that the plot was built to meet the criteria that give rise to the legend and the confrontation with the monster is inevitable.

This is the path that many of these films follow with greater or lesser success, and “The Curse of La Patasola” is one of those that travel it with less success. The culprits are a group of uninteresting protagonists, poor performances, and a disastrous script. To remedy its predictability are the scares and the monster, but the scares are non-existent and the monster is disappointing.

Although “The Curse of La Patasola” is based on a different legend, it is not unreasonable to think that it seeks to ride the wave of recent interest in the legend of La Llorona. The similarities in the legends on which it is based thus allow it, and the title of the film does not do much to hide it. Leaving this aside and evaluating it only as a horror movie, I can only classify it as boring and disappointing, mainly because of its horrible script.

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