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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Article: Top 10 horror movies of 2020

This stinker of a year is about to go down the toilet, and it is time to share our list of the top10 horror movies for 2020. Cinema, in general, suffered a heavy blow this year and took from us the opportunity of enjoying some highly anticipated movies like the “Candyman” remake and the sequel to the “Halloween” reboot “Halloween Kills”. Under this scenario, it was independent cinema that took the responsibility of keeping the genre afloat as the world was going down, and it is reflected on our list.

10. The Invisible Man

Leigh Wannell took a classic horror monster story and made it its own, and gave us one of the best adaptations of a classic to modern times. The tension and the special effects it achieves are awesome and the main acting from Elizabeth Moss is spectacular. This director continues to give a lot to talk about and every project in which he is involved is a small gem fr horror cinema.

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9. Becky

One of the biggest surprises of the year was seeing Kevin James, an actor known for his absurd comedy style, in a much more serious role. It is an understatement to say that he does an excellent job and together with Lulu Wilson both become a mismatched combination of rivals, and their confrontation is epic. If the villains from “Home Alone” would have met Becky there would not have been a sequel.

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8. His House

A social commentary framed in the horror of an African superstition is the basis of one of Netflix's proposals for the Halloween season with “His House”. Its topic about refugees, immigrants, and racism leaves you completely in the open to be taken by surprise with its horror scenes.  Its excellent script shows the horror in the supernatural aspect, as well as in the emotional, based on the adversities that this couple go through, which are a reflection of what many people go through in their situation.

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7. Anything for Jackson

A couple of adorable elders that end up being Satanists and who are getting ready to perform a ritual to bring back its recently deceased grandson. What can go wrong? Well, a lot. “Anything for Jackson” wins a space on this list because of his ingenious idea and unexpected moments of pure terror. Among Shudder’s original movies, only one other movie has been capable of claiming the title as the best movie from this platform. 

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6. Possessor

Brandon Cronenberg continues the path his father shaped in horror cinema. A complex and innovative plot, together with impactful visuals and practical effects of first-order; a description that fits any of his father's successes, but I'm referring to the most recent work from Brandon.  Although it leans too heavily on the artistic side instead of the plot, “Possessor” has an interesting concept that is very well presented and that will not leave indifferent those that watch it.

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5. Host

I believe the only positive day we got of the pandemic was this movie. “Host” makes use of Zoom, a service that became part of the tools for remote working and for connecting with friends and family.  The result is one of the best and most chilling horror movies of this year. It is impressive how this team makes the most out of the platform and gives an innovative twist to the found-footage subgenre.

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4. Guns Akimbo

Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving join efforts in this crazy but highly entertaining movie full of pure adrenaline. A great deal of the movie feels like if you were in the middle of a video game and takes the viewer full inside its dynamic, which is developed at a frantic pace.  It doesn't run short on violence and gore, which it combines with dark humor and frames it in exciting visuals, to offer one of those movies that you want to watch over and over.

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3. Color Out of Space

After a long time inactive, director Richard Stanley returns with a bang. The works from H. P. Lovecraft has complex imagery that is near impossible to adapt to the screen. “Color Out Of Space'' is perhaps one of the best interpretations of the works of this writer and pays homage with creative and unthinkable visuals that are only possible in this Lovecraftian world.

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2. Sputnik 

Russia is not characterized as being an exporter of horror cinema, but those who watch “Sputnik” will doubt this comment.  Based on the ‘80s, “Sputnik' 'is a creature feature,  where two astronauts return to Earth accompanied by a creature without them knowing. However, the script of this movie is much more ambitious and inside the topic of a foreign creature, it explores topics of human behavior. The awesome special effects, great script, and excellent acting leave us with a creature feature destined to become a contemporary classic.

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1. The Platform

Without a doubt, the most impactful movie of the year came to us from Spain. “The Platform’ (“El Hoyo”) stands out with its script full of references to problems we face as a society, as egoism and disdain for others. But it doesn’t limit to just lecture us, but it also manages the elements that make it a horror film in a masterful way, such as the claustrophobia, despair, gore, and even the disgusting eating sound effects.

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