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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Review: Freaky

Director: Christopher Landon

Screenplay: Christopher Landon

Year: 2020

Millie has a normal life until one night she is attacked by a sadistic serial killer, Millie survives the attack with just a wound, or so she thought. During the attack, the killer used an old artifact that exchanged their consciousness from bodies. Now, the young woman is inside the body of a wanted killer and has to figure out how to go back to her own body before it's too late.

Just by reading the synopsis or watching the trailer is clear that this is one of those movies not to be taken seriously, but rather one to have a good time. Who seems to have taken seriously not being taken seriously was Vince Vaugh (“Psycho”, “The Cell”), who for a good part of the movie has to play a teenager who is a cheerleader and enjoys musicals. Vaugh’s work is phenomenal, getting a laugh out of the viewer in every scene he is present. 

When watching the movie, I couldn’t help but feel some similarities with “Happy Death Day” and “Happy Death Day 2U”. Their main characters' resemblances and that both were produced by Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions leave a detectable trace that leads to uncovering that all three movies share the same director: Christopher Landon. They also held many similarities in their horror-comedy style, where the comedy is better crafted, but the horror isn’t neglected.

“Freaky” is developed in the classic slashers’ vein and seems to be an homage to the movies made in this subgenre during the ‘90s. As in any good slasher, it’s hand doesn’t shake while presenting macabre deaths explicitly. In this aspect, the special effects stand out to show them as realistic and painful as possible.

From beginning to end, “Freaky” is pure fun, but this is where it puts its limit. Offering something novel certainly was not in this movie’s plans, as everything that happens, even the best-done deaths, we have seen before in other films. Even the plot we have seen before in the family movie “Freaky Friday”.

“Freaky” is a good horror-comedy to disconnect the brain and have a good time. The gore, the comedy, and mainly Vince Vaugh’s interpretation are great, and the movie is worth watching just for this. However, it doesn’t offer anything new, since the plot, style, and even the deaths we have seen in other movies.

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