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Friday, November 29, 2019

Article: Top 10 most anticipated horror movies for 2019 (Revisited)

At the beginning of 2019, the list for the most anticipated horror movies for this year was published. Now that the year is near its end, we review what happened with these movies and if they lived to the level of their expectations.
10. “Polaroid”
This movie got my attention when its trailer was released, with a style similar to that of Japanese horror movies, for the controversy and bad luck with its release, and because the director Lars Klevberg would be in charge of the new version of “Child’s Play”. “Polaroid” doesn’t offer anything new to the horror genre and overuses some horror movie formulas, as that of excessive jump scares, that is something expected from a horror movie of this style with a PG-13 classification, but in general, although far from appearing as one of the best of the year, this is an entertaining movie.
Followed” is the first of some movies in this list that was ultimately not released this year, as what was thought beforehand. Besides being shown in some movie festivals, we are still waiting for a release to a wider audience.

8. “Pet Semetary”
One of the remakes that generated much anticipation among horror movie fans, but that ended up being a letdown. Pushed by an aggressive marketing campaign and positive reviews, “Pet Sematary” positioned itself as another movie based on the writing of Stephen King that would make a statement as what happened with “It” and “It: Chapter Two”, but that did not manage to captivate the audience and couldn’t become more than an average horror movie. But let’s be realistic, the 1989 version wasn’t a good movie either, even when it’s held in high esteem.
7. "An American Werewolf in London"
All of us that were waiting to see what would be done with this remake will have to keep on waiting some more. Max Landis, the son of John Landis who was the director of the original version, was the chosen one to direct and write the screenplay for this remake of the 1981 classic. However, he was accused of sexual abuse, which has postponed the project and its rumored that he will no longer be involved in it. Until now, there is not a release date for the movie.

6. “The Axiom”
This is another movie that really caught my attention after seeing the trailer, “The Axiom” mixes fantasy with horror to create an original story, without forgetting to pay homage to some classic horror movies. Without being exempt from having issues, “The Axiom” is a risky and interesting proposal that with a modest budget creates captivating images and an original story that will be of the liking of many horror and fantasy movie fans.

5. “The Curse of La Llorona”
One of the biggest letdowns of the year. “The Curse of La Llorona” is nothing more than a movie where horror elements we see all the time are overused and that depends more on jump scares than on an interesting story. They try to join together this movie with the “The Conjuring” universe, but it seems like it was a last-minute decision and plays no importance in the plot of the movie or in the “The Conjuring” universe. The only positive thing to come out of it is that director Michael Chavez, who will be in charge of “The Conjuring 3”, shows to be an interesting director that can give something to talk about if given a good screenplay.

4. “The Crooked Man”
Another one of the movies that were thought would be released this year, but that is still under development. Now it is expected to be released in summer 2020.

3. “Zombieland 2: Double Tap”
Ten years after the release of the popular “Zombieland” comes the sequel with the original cast and, needless to say, expectations were high. “Zombieland: Double Tap” reuses the formula that gave so much success updated to actual times, but even when it is a good sequel, it falls below the level of the original one. Zombies, violence, and gore are again well mixed with comedy to garner a fun movie.

2. “Us”
Jordan Peele took the horror cinema world by storm with his excellent “Get Out” and expectations were high for his second movie in the genre. With “Us”, Peele definitely swept any doubt that could remain about his capabilities to make a horror movie. The director and screenwriter again creates an interesting screenplay full of social criticism and multiple references to classic horror, showing that he is a genre-savvy. “Us” is not only a great movie but one of the best horror movies released this year.

1.“It: Chapter Two”
“It” was a great success in 2017, winning over horror movie fans, conquering the box office, and showing that R rated horror movies can be successful at the box office. The sequel and ending to the story “It: Chapter Two” continues the success of its predecessor although below its quality. “It: Chapter Two” is unnecessarily long and overuse CGI that in some parts doesn’t look great, but without a doubt is one of the best horror movies of the year.

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