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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Review: Chase

Director: Michael Matteo Rossi
Screenplay: Michael Matteo Rossi
Year: 2019

Synopsis: A hitman must prove its loyalty to his mentor and longtime friend. For this, he must choose to keep doing his job and forget his girlfriend and son or to choose his family and rebel against its mentor.

“Chase” is a thriller and crime movie that follows the story of Chase, a man that by his youth decisions, ended up working as a hitman. Chase enjoys his work and has a strict set of rules that have made him one of the best in this business. “Chase” puts us in the world of the work of a hitman, but also in his personal life, which he tries to keep separated, but they end up intertwined.

The main thing that makes “Chase an effective movie are the interactions between the main characters. It is essential that the viewer cares about the relationship between Chase and Miles, who can be seen as his boss and best and oldest friend so that the nature of their work and how and why the disagreements between them arise are understood. The interactions between Chase and his girlfriend Blair and adoptive son Micah are also important for showing the softer loving side of the bloodthirsty killer and presents the dual and unsustainable world that Chase tries to maintain. This is achieved thanks to the excellent cast composed of Damien Puckler (“Grimm”) as Chase, Aries Spears (“Hood of Horror”) as Miles, and Jessica Morris (“The 6th Friend”) as Blair.

The way in which the story is presented by the screenwriter and director Michael Matteo Rossi (“Misogynist”) is interesting, with a steady pace, and a visual style that mixes dark shadows with colorful neon lights. This visual play is met by a magnificent soundtrack and very good acting to capture the attention of the viewer, even in parts with some screenplay choices go slightly out of tune with the rest of the movie.

Something I would have liked is that the violent scenes were more explicit. Although there are some, the moments that were most interesting to me take place out of the screen and are left to the viewer's imagination. It caught my attention that this movie avoids using the woman that needs to be saved character and on the contrary, all the women are very badass.

“Chase” is an entertaining movie presented in a very attractive way and with excellent acting. It presents a character, the hitman, that we have seen countless time in movies in different ways, but explores it in a seldom explored field, that is how it manages its personal life and how his job can affect it. It might have enjoyed a riskier screenplay and scenes, but in general, it is a well done and enjoyable movie.

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