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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Review: Influencer

Director: Kurtis David Harder

Screenplay: Tesh Guttikonda and Kurtis David Harder

Year: 2023

Social networks have revolutionized how we live and even created lines of work, with influencers being one of the best-known. Much can be argued for or against these people's value in society, but what cannot be denied is the great power they have to instigate the opinion of their followers on a particular issue. However, many's lives are not as perfect as portrayed on their social networks.

In "Influencer", we follow Madison, a young influencer who travels the world and experiences the best hotels and restaurants and publishes it for the enjoyment of her large number of followers. Madison plans a trip to Thailand which her boyfriend cancels at the last minute, and she is forced to go alone. On her trip, she meets CW, a kind woman who offers to show her around the country, but as Madison gets to know CW, she begins to suspect that something isn't right.

At the beginning of this film, I was worried about how the theme of having an influencer as the protagonist would be worked on, more thinking of the audience that does not follow this world. To my surprise this is not an issue, as the cast does a great job, and the characters are much more complex than expected. Emily Tennant makes the audience care and empathize with Madison, while Cassandra Naud (“Snowpiercer”) brings a mysterious air to The CW that keeps you suspicious of her.

The most interesting thing about "Influencer" is its plot and the different turns it takes. It also maintains a good rhythm that helps the mystery and entertainment. The twists keep the viewer attentive and trying to predict what is going to happen, but it still manages to make the final twist surprising and gives a good closure to the story.

After a disappointing run of releases on Shudder, “Influencer” arrives as a refreshing hit of fresh air. Its plot and performances are intriguing, and its twists and turns make it impossible not to keep an eye on its development. Those who are looking for a good mystery will surely enjoy this movie.

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