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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Review: The Fearway

Director: Robert Gajic

Guion: Noah Bessey

Year: 2023

A soon-to-be-married young couple travels on an interstate highway. After a series of events, they realize they are trapped in a loop. With no idea what is happening to them, the couple tries to find some clue that will help them understand what is happening and be able to escape.

The premise "The Fearway" brings is not very innovative, and we have already seen it in several films. It's still interesting though, and the way director Robert Gajic in his feature debut and writer Noah Bessey bring the story along is quite entertaining. While it does many things well for a film of its budget and with the short experience of the staff, it also carries a number of problems that limit its enjoyment.

The two main problems with this movie are that it's pretty easy to figure out what's going on early, and its inability to create the sense of claustrophobia that its premise promises. It also cannot be ignored that many events in the script don't make much sense with the rest of the story and detract from its impact.

When your movie script calls for an unexpected twist ending, the lack of knowledge about what's happening creates is what creates suspense. With what's happening being so apparent early on, this twist loses a lot of impact, and the film's development loses most of its suspense. On top of that, the entire plot takes place in broad daylight and in an open space, which isn't bad, but it affects that sense of claustrophobia and adds to the loss of suspense.

Without being innovative and failing in several of the things it proposes, "The Fearway" is an entertaining film and a good debut for its director. The cast does a decent job, and the special effects, cinematography, and other audiovisual aspects are very good. Overall the story it tells is interesting, and what really affects your enjoyment are the inconsistencies in its script and how predictable it is.

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