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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Review: Ghost Lab

Director: Paween Purijitpanya

Screenplay: Vasudhorn Piyaromna, Paween Purijitpanya, and Tossanphon Riantong

Year: 2021

Wee and Gla are two doctors in a hospital with a close friendship. One night, they both experience a paranormal event that leads them to question the existence of ghosts. Both doctors devise an experiment to prove the existence of ghosts, but both become dangerously obsessed with the study.

"Ghost Lab" gets off to a good start and promises to be a good ghost movie. The event that leads friends Doctors Wee and Gla to set up their experiment is a terrifying ghost scene with nice special effects and an effective jump scare. A great scene that raises the expectations of fans of the genre.

After this, the film takes a more relaxed tone, focused on the friendship of the doctors and the experiment that both develop. The tone shifts from a ghost movie to a paranormal investigation movie, which, while still effective, begins to exhibit some of the problems in its script. But it is not until about the middle of the film that these problems become so present that they affect it.

Around the middle of the film, a completely unexpected event occurs that changes the course of the plot. Although unexpected, the event makes no sense at all. I will not go into details so as not to ruin the surprise, but the decision made in that event is not in accordance with how the story has developed or what we have seen of the characters so far. Hence the problem of incoherent decisions that extend to the final resolution is uncovered.

After the event that changes the course of the plot, the film goes from being a paranormal investigation to being a suspense drama, where drama dominates over the suspense. The horror that it presents in the beginning is nothing more than a flirtation with the genre, but that it can never resume, and it goes from high to low too quickly. The same is the case with the story, which presents a fascinating idea, but takes a path that is not in its favor and leaves it underutilized.

"Ghost Lab" presents a groundbreaking story and a very promising start but is quickly deflated by poor decisions in its script. It features some promising horror scenes that make fans of the genre drool, but it's nothing more than a mirage that soon fades into a paranormal drama, with an emphasis on drama. The performances, the special effects, and the background music are all great, but the inconsistencies in his script overshadow the rest.

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