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Monday, March 8, 2021

Review: Snake Dick (Short)

Director: David Mahmoudie

Screenplay: David Mahmoudie

Year: 2021

Happy International Women’s Day! As a special treat today we are covering a short story about female empowerment named “Snake Dick”. Before you ask, no, it is not a joke and yes, it is a feminist short film. 

Two women are driving at night when their car starts experiencing some mechanical failures and they stop at a gas station to check on it. At the station, two men start to derogatorily catcall them, which leads to a confrontation between both parties. What the men do not know is that the women have a secret weapon. 

“Snake Dick” seems to be an argument to try and find backup to turn it into a full-length feature and it accomplishes its objective. In its short 7 minutes runtime, David Mahmoudie establishes a fun concept and leaves us wanting more. The acting is great and the use of neon colors and ‘80s style music fits just right. 

Many people, especially women, will enjoy seeing two empowered women fight two misogynistic men and submit them to their will. They will enjoy plenty more when they see their secret weapon in use, a clear phallic symbol used against men. To avoid spoiling the short film I will finish the review here. I think that at this point it is clear that I enjoyed it and would like to see it become a full-length feature. In this link, you can enjoy the full short film for free.

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