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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Review: From The Depths

Director: Jose Montesinos

Screenplay: Jose Montesinos

Year: 2021

Sharks have become an essential part of horror cinema, and among the countless movies done about these creatures, we have seen it all. Sharks in tornados, in the sand, with several heads and even in a spirit form, there is not much more that can be added to the topic that we have not seen before. This is what I thought until I watched "From the Depths".

After surviving a shark attack in which his sister and boyfriend died, Liz tries to rebuild her life. However, the trauma has left her with nightmares about the shark and hallucinations about her dead sister and boyfriend.

What better way to have shark attacks in unexpected places without being campy than with a character whose post-traumatic stress has left her with constant nightmares and hallucinations about the predator? Attacks in a pool, in a puddle, or even in a closet, the psychological damage topic open doors ajar to give free way to creativity. The director and screenwriter Jose Montesinos (“Surrounded”) not only embraces the possibilities this brings, but he makes the most out of them. 

During the movie, we follow Liz while dealing with her trauma, with a convincing performance by Angelica Briones (“Dead Voices”). Alongside her, Terra Strong (“Black Majick”) interprets Roberta, her couple, and who's helping her work with the issue. Both women do an excellent job with their respective characters and in creating credible chemistry for her relationship, a praise that extends to the work of Montesinos in his direction and screenplay.

Although it is much more what it does well, "From the Depths" is not exempt from problems. The creativity in the unexpected shark attacks is often hindered by poor CGI effects, a common problem in tight budget movies. Similarly, the makeup of some characters doesn't look professional. 

When I thought that I had seen it all in shark movies, "From the Depths" makes the most out of its protagonist’s psychological trauma to give way to creativity with this creature. It is entertaining trying to figure out what is going on with the main character, as the shark stalks her everywhere, and its pros strongly overcome its cons. To close with authority, it presents a surprising and intense finale.

1 comment:

  1. A great film! Unique, intriguing, suspenseful, darkly funny - will hold your attention and make you question what is real the entire time. Bravo =)