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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Review: The Return of the Tooth Fairy

Director: Louisa Warren
Screenplay: Tom Jolliffe
Year: 2020

"The Return of the Tooth Fairy" is the sequel to the horror movie "Tooth Fairy" released in 2019. When I discovered this movie I had no knowledge about it or its predecessor, but a quick search was enough to discover the general disapproval of the first one that leads to asking what is the reason for a sequel. Betting on a chance of revindication, my naivety did not allow me to see the signs created by its predecessor. 

"The Return of the Tooth Fairy" takes place 15 years after the events of the first movie. Corey, one of the original victims, is now an adult and returns to take part in a class reunion. However, the Tooth Fairy is back to claim their teeth. 

When I review movies that I did not enjoy I always try to identify and point out the things that were done right. With "The Return of the Tooth Fairy" this task has been impossible. The movie is a complete disaster from the beginning and every minute that went by took a little bit of mu hope of finding something positive to bring out until leaving me completely dry. 

The topic of an evil Tooth Fairy has been done before in movies like “Darkness Falls” and even the same “Tooth Fairy” and none of them have been able to prove that this is an idea worth exploring in horror cinema. "The Return of the Tooth Fairy" takes this concept to a new absurdity level, propelled by its weak script that only piles incoherent moments one after the other, as well as plot holes and unrealistic and uninteresting dialogues. 

The visual aspect doesn’t help much to improve the situation and from early on we see the lack of effort or incompetence of the people involved in this movie. Overused vertical and horizontal camera movements from the camera trying to track the movements of certain characters generates more distraction that focus and only manages that plenty of scenes end up with a bad composition that makes it hard to even see who’s talking, although the awful acting doesn’t make us interested in what the characters have to say. On top of that, the image of the fairy, which is revealed early, is not scary at all and looks more like a Halloween costume that someone didn’t know what to do with and ended up in this movie. 

"The Return of the Tooth Fairy" is a disaster from start to finish. From the visual aspect to the plot and acting, nothing works in this movie. Simply the worst movie I have seen this year.

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  1. Poor script, poor dialog, adolescent acting, no special effects, poor costume … in all a very low budget film that seems like it was a hogh school production, not worth even $3.75 !!