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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Top 10 Horror Movies For Kids

If while being home with your kids you are tired of seeing Frozen or any other kids animated movie for the hundredth time and what you really want is to watch a horror movie, here we offer a list of horror-themed movies that can give one or two scares to the younger ones but are fairly inoffensive to watch with them:

10. Ghostbusters
The most secure way to start this list is by going straight to the classics that have proven throughout the decades to be of the enjoyment of the whole family. “Ghostbusters” is one of those movies that can be entertaining enough for adults and still be apt for children. Seeing it almost 25 years after its release makes its special effects feel outdated and lose their fright factor, a plus for watching it with the whole family.

9. Corpse Bride
Tim Burton is recognized for the eccentric style in which he presents his movies. With a mixture of gloomy as well as adorable visuals similar to those seen in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, Burton offers “Corpse Bride”, a love story plastered in stop-motion generated visuals and a gothic style that gives it that sinister air but that remains to be accessible for the younger audiences. 

8. Coraline
Together with Tim Burton, Henry Selick created the popular “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, a movie that undoubtedly served as an inspiration for “Coraline”. In this movie, the protagonist Coraline finds a passageway to a parallel world that is more fun than the real one, but also more dangerous. Don’t let the exquisite animation fool you, as “Coraline” has its share of frightening moments, but nothing strong enough to harm a kid.

7. The Witches
“The Witches” is for many adult horror movie fans a movie they remember with nostalgia, by being one of the few horror-themed movies appropriate for kids. Now can be the chance to offer this movie to the new generations, where a group of witches meets to elaborate a plan where they can get rid of the children of England. Because of its theme, it often catches the attention of the younger ones.

6. Monster House
In almost every community there is that house or apartment which appearance always leads those that come near it to think of the worst. But what if that place really had a life of its own? Well, this is exactly the theme of “Monster House”. With an eye-catching animation and some minor scares, “Monster House” provides entertainment for kids as well as for adults.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas
After mentioning it a few times in this list it was logical that this animated classic will be featured in it. In 1993 Tim Burton and Henry Selick offered the world “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, which turned into an instant classic because of its style and its different and striking animation. Almost 30 years after, the popularity of this movie remains intact and is a favorite of many for Halloween as well as Christmas.

4. Frankenweenie
Another movie from the mind of Tim Burton that finds its way into this list. “Frankenweenie” is an adaptation of Frankenstein’s story, where a kid that is passionate about science decides to use his knowledge to bring his dog back to life, who died after being run over by a car. “Frankenweenie” is the perfect movie to see with the family and can get a tear or two out of those who are dog or pet lovers.

3. Monster’s Inc
Disney, the animated children movie giant, cannot stay out even in a list of horror movies for kids. “Monster’s Inc” offers a creative vision into the fear that most children have of monsters under the bed or in the closet. Its colorful animation and warm plot make it ideal for even the younger ones and might even help those that are still afraid of monsters in the dark by offering a friendly version of them.

2. Spirited Away
“Spirited Away” has been praised for a long time and with good reason. It is not only a good movie to watch with children but is considered to be one of the best and most creative animated movies in general. Acclaimed director and writer Hayao Miyazaki through Walt Disney Studios immerses the audience into a creative story in an alternate world run by gods and spirits.

1. ParaNorman
After working in the art department for “Coraline”, Chris Butler ventures into a director’s role in another horror movie for children that, at least on this list, surpasses the one that was its inspiration. “ParaNorman” is an excellent mix of children animation and horror, managing to use some horror movie tropes without being traumatizing for kids, but with some scares in reserve. In it, we follow Norman, a kid with a special affinity for the occult, while he faces ghosts, zombies, and adults to save his small town from a curse.

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