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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Review: Wicca Book

Director: Vahagn Karapetyan
Screenplay: Vahagn Karapetyan
Year: 2020

“Wicca Book” is a horror series based on a book with the power of granting the devil access to the human realm. This independent effort comes from Greece spearheaded by Vahagn Karapetyan, who also serves as director and screenwriter, and a group of moviemakers passionate about the idea that didn’t allow to be limited by the lack of support or budget. “Wicca Book” at the moment consists of three episodes that tell the story of the book and of some people that came in contact with it.

The three episodes of the series intertwine well to tell a coherent story in which continuity flows effortlessly. In the first episode, the book is presented, which is the basis of the plot, how it works, and the danger it represents. The second episode presents Mia, interpreted by Kika Zachariadou and how she gets to have the book. The third episode shows Mia trying to get rid of the book and how this is a more complicated task than it seemed to be at first. 

Director and screenwriter Karapetyan dials exposition down to zero and prefers a series in which everything is shown and not a single word is spoken. To be able to expose some ideas and situations written words are sought but relies much more heavily upon the acting. The main novice cast takes the weight imposed on them by the lack of dialogue and carries it with grace, making good use of their expressions to deliver the message of the situation and their emotions effectively.

The first three episodes of “Wicca Book” offers an intriguing story and leaves the viewer wanting more. Only the ending of the third episode generates some doubts about the forces that surround the book, which hopefully will be made clear in future episodes. On our part, it is recommended especially for independent horror cinema fans; an effort that shows all that can be done in cinema even with scarce resources. 

It is expected that “Wicca Book” will be made available to the general public in autumn of this year and before that it will be around in some festivals. For more information about this project, visit their Facebook page.

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