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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Review: Good Works (Short)

Director: D.J. Remark
Screenplay: Jason Orr
Year: 2019

"Good Works" is a horror short film from director D.J. Remark ("Uphill") and screenwriter Jason Orr. The short film presents Sam in what seems to be a normal day, with the simple difference that she is being followed by what seems to be ghosts without eyes or hearts. As the day goes on, their presence is more evident and menacing. 

Remark and Orr don’t make the viewer wait for them to present the ghosts that haunt Sam, excellently interpreted by Stella Ryan-Lozon. In its approximately 13 minutes runtime, the presence of the ghosts is as palpable as the tension that develops through the plot and the feeling that something is not going well. The actions that Sam makes raises the suspicion that there is little time left before something transcendental happens.

In this short, ghosts play an important role in creating an unnerving atmosphere and they achieve it thanks to the great makeup and their disturbing look. Sam's actions, the ghosts' appearance, and the religious theme foreshadowed at the beginning of the short intertwine in an unexpected and impactful ending, that rounds up a solid and interesting story.

Below is the full short film for your enjoyment. For more information about the short and other works from the director, you can go to his web page or follow him on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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