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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Article: Most Anticipated Horror Movies Of 2020

The last few years have been great for horror cinema. Titles such as “Get Out”, “Hereditary”, “A Quiet Place”, “Midsommar”, “Us”, “It”, and “It: Chapter Two” have shaken conventional cinema and this 2020 seems like it will keep following this trend. Only with the movies that have already been announced I had a hard time making a list with just ten with the number of interesting proposals for this year.

Honorific mentions:
As can be seen with this section, I was unable to choose only ten movies, although I will only mention three more. The first of these will be “Terrifier 2”, a sequel that seems like it will follow the path of blood that the first one left. “The Collector 3” is another proposal that draws attention after a very good first part and a decent sequel. The last in this honorific mention is for “Color Out of Space”, which reunites Nicholas Cage with the production team of “Mandy” in a mix of science fiction and horror.

10. Last Night in SOHO
At the moment there are not many details available for this movie, except that it has been classified as a horror movie, that its set to debut in August 2020, and that it will be directed and co-written by Edgar Wright. If Wright’s name rings a bell, it is worth mentioning that he is responsible for “Shaun of the Dead”, “Scott Pilgrim vs The World”, and “Baby Driver”. Just by having Wright in the director’s chair in an entirely psychological horror movie turns it into one of the most anticipated of the year.

9. Escape Room 2
Escape Room” came in 2019 without making much noise and was a pleasant surprise that even managed to snug its way into our list of the top 10 horror movies of 2019. As of now, there is no information about its plot, but it will bring back the same director and writers from the first part, as well as the actors whose characters survived the first part. We will have to wait for its release date in August of 2020 to see if they manage to bring rooms as creative as in the previous and to see how they solve the strange ending of its predecessor.  

8. Saw
Comedian Chris Rock seems to want to follow the steps of also comedian Jordan Peele in horror cinema by taking the project of reviving the “Saw” saga. There is not much information about the course the plot will take, but it is known that it will be directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, who directed “Saw II”, “Saw III”, and “Saw IV” and that Chris Rock will participate in the script, as a producer and as an actor, where it will share the cast with Samuel L. Jackson. Right now I am more curious than excited about what will be done with this new entry to the franchise, set to debut in May 2020.

7. Antebellum
While the plot and trailer for “Antebellum” are out, the information about this movie has been kept rather ambiguous. The trailer doesn’t reveal much information and the official plot only points out that it’s about an author that must uncover a mind-bending mystery before it’s too late. The mystery around it and the convoluted plot it shows in the trailer makes it attractive and we will see what co-director and co-writers Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz have to say with their full-light feature debut in April 2020.

6. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It
The Conjuring universe movies always cause expectations and this entry is no exception. After several movies about side stories, we get back to the principal story of “The Conjuring” and we get back to another case of the Warren’s This time, the couple is part of the first court trial where the accused uses demonic possessions in his defense as the reason for committing the crimes, reason why it was baptized as “The Devil Made Me Do It”. This new entry to the Conjuring universe is set to debut in September of 2020.

5. Halloween Kills
Sequel to the successful “Halloween” released on 2018 and predecessor to “Halloween Ends”, set to debut on 2021, “Halloween Kills” will pass by cinemas in October of 2020, in time for the Halloween season. Not many details have been revealed besides that it will follow the events of its predecessor, which itself follows the events of the 1978 classic and that ignores all the other sequels out. Jamie Lee Curtis returns to the main cast and David Gordon Green to the director’s chair, which he will retake in the third chapter of this trilogy.

4. Malignant
James Wan is one of the names that cause the most anticipation in horror cinema. Responsible for the "Saw”; “Insidious”, and “The Conjuring” sagas, he returns to the horror genre with an original story that he will write along with Ingrid Bisu, who worked as an actress in "The Nun". Not much more information is available as of now and it is expected to be released in August 2020.

3. Antlers
Because of what he has done in horror cinema, Guillermo del Toro is one of the names that always attracts a lot of people to the movies he gets involved in. The last one in which he participated as a producer, “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” was a letdown, but what can be seen from the trailer for “Antlers” and that it got an R rating, points out that this will be a much darker movie. “Antlers” will be released in cinemas in April 2020.

2. A Quiet Place Part II
A Quiet Place” was a pleasant surprise in 2018 and its success has taken it to get a sequel done. It seems unnecessary and only an excuse to keep making money out of a successful concept, but it’s undeniable that it will be one of the most anticipated and possibly one of the most successful horror movies of this year. The plot will take place after the events of the previous one, where the survivors are forced to move and face the dangers of the actual world that goes beyond the hunter creatures. John Krasinski returns to the director’s chair and crafted the script for this sequel were we will see Emily Blunt y Millicent Simmonds once more in the main cast and is set to be released in March 2020.

1. Candyman
After two wildly successful movies in horror as “Get Out” and “Us” it’s understandable that every project in which Jordan Peele gets involved will cause plenty of anticipation. This time he will work as a producer and co-writer of what has been denominated as a spiritual sequel to the 1992 classic. Tony Todd has been confirmed for the main cast, who has interpreted the mythical Candyman in the existing trilogy and is set to debut in 2020.

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