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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Review: The Tattooist

Director: Michael Wong
Screenplay: Michael Wong
Year: 2018

“The Tattooist” is a short film from aspiring filmmaker Michael Wong. The short film honors its format and with a mere 90 seconds, including the final credits, has called the attention of many people in the movie festivals where it has been showing. Accomplishing the dual function of being both a short film as well as a trailer, its captivating imagery leaves the viewer wanting to see more. 

“The Tattooist” starts with a tattooist working on a beautiful tattoo in the back of a woman. Followed immediately, Wong changes completely the atmosphere of the quiet tattoo parlor and takes us to what seems like a dark basement, where the tattooist tortures in a macabre way its clients/victims. The scenes are impactful both on the gore as well as in the aesthetics, contrasting the sinister look of the basement and the violence we witness with brilliant colored lights the are somewhat reminiscent of Giallo cinema.

The only flaw the short has is the plot but being a short that also works as a trailer, I wasn’t waiting for it to go deep into the plot. With what it presents, Wong manages to get the viewer interested in knowing the story behind the tattooist and his aggressions that, luckily, will be developed in a full-length movie. For what it shows in its scarce seconds of duration, “The Tattooist” promises to be an interesting proposal if it manages to become a full-length movie.

To see the short movie press here and for more information about “The Tattooist” go to the movie’s Facebook page.

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