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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Review: Momo: The Missouri Monster

Director: Seth Breedlove
Screenplay: Seth Breedlove, Mark Matzke, and Jason Utes
Year: 2019

Unexplainable events and creatures that defy human logic have always been ingrained in the culture. Legends such as Bigfoot in North America, The Loch Ness Monster in Scotland and the Chupacabra in America and the Caribbean permeate through tales that assure their sightings. In the United States, in the city of Missouri, Louisiana during the '70s there were reports from citizens that assured having encounters with a big hairy creature that was baptized with the name Momo.

"Momo: The Missouri Monster" is a documentary from director Seth Breedlove ("Terror In The Skies"), who has dedicated his career to creating documentaries such as this one, that explores the events presented in a supposedly movie filmed during the '70s about the encounters of some people with the creature. The documentary is structured in a way that shows pieces of the lost movie followed by an analysis of what was shown. This analysis is supported by interviews with people that were present during the Momo frenzy.

A good part of this documentary is born from a supposedly horror movie filmed in 1975 with the same title as the documentary. In the first scene that is shown from this movie, it is clear that this is not a real movie, but rather footage filmed for this documentary. While they manage to capture the '70s style, the visual quality is considerably superior to what was produced in films from that time.

In the scenes presented from the movie other elements stand out that are never clear if they were intentional or not. The most notable of them is the acting, which is so nefarious that they seem to have been done that way on purpose. Also, the monster, clearly a person with a costume, helps give it that amateur movie with zero budget feel. 

After presenting any scene from the movie, some time is spent analyzing it. Related interviews and opinions are presented to give more information about the events and their truthfulness. All of this is presented as if it were a TV show and they manage to do it in an entertaining way. 

"Momo: The Missouri Monster" presents the interesting story of the monster that terrorized Missouri during the '70s. It offers an original way of presenting a documentary like an analysis of an amateur movie and ends up being surprisingly effective an entertaining. Those who enjoy documentaries and hard to explain events will have a great time with "Momo: The Missouri Monster" or with any other of the works of Breedlove.

"Momo: The Missouri Monster" will be available on digital platforms on September 20, 2019.

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