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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Review: The Evil Inside Her

Director: James Suttles
Screenplay: James Blankefeld
Year: 2019

Synopsis: What should have been a relaxing weekend for four friends quickly turns into a fight for survival in the middle of the wilderness in North Carolina.

The premise in "The Evil Inside Her" is one we have seen once and again in horror movies. Four friends go on vacation to a secluded cabin in the wild and dark stuff start to happen. In this case, a young woman goes into a state in which she cannot control her own body and starts self-mutilating and hurting her friends.

The reason for this violence is explained in the initial scenes when a man adds a substance to her drink without her noticing. Since that moment Vikki, interpreted by Melissa Kunnap (“DeadThirsty”) starts not feeling well and having self-mutilation episodes. As expected, this behavior goes in crescendo until it falls out of control and ends up in pure chaos.

If the plot feels not very interesting because of how many times we have seen something similar, the script doesn't help to manage to get the contrary. This script is responsible for many of the problems with this movie. It is written in an inconsistent way and is full of situations and decisions that make no sense.

The cast of this movie, except for Eric Roberts, is one with little experience and it shows. The acting is not horrendous but is barely sufficient to keep the weak story movie and it never helps to get you into it. This worsens the development of the plot, which is already tumbling from the script.

Something I did like is that they knew how to make the viewer feel uncomfortable in the gory scenes. In all scenes where Vikki mutilates herself the practical effects are decent and makes it look painful. This moderately helps creating some tension between scenes, something it also does well and that it could have been better used had it not been for the faulty script.

"The Evil Inside Her" is a movie that has more flaws than virtues, mainly in how the story was written. Even the most distracted of persons could have noticed inconsistencies in the story and the many senseless plot holes. The technical and acting works give it a very amateur air to it that combines with a weak story to create a movie which the only interest it manages to get from its audience is for it to finish quickly.

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