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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Review: Nun's Deadly Confession

Director: Stuart Paul
Screenplay: Stuart Paul
Year: 2019

Synopsis: Dr. Molten Holst is a psychiatrist who has as many problems as his wide range of unique patients. A detective finds himself in a dangerous situation as he gets caught in the doctor’s game while he tries to unravel a case.

Let's start with what I disliked the most about this movie, which is that it has one of the most misleading titles and posters I have ever seen. Both suggest that this movie will be another to get in the wave of diabolical nuns or nunsploitation, but that is far from reality. During its full length, there is only one nun for a few scarce minutes and her story has little relevance with the plot. This does seem like a case in which they try to attract public by using the popularity of “The Nun” or other in this genre like “The Convent” or “St. Agatha”, all substantially better.

With the left foot, we get into "Nun's Deadly Confession". Not much time had to go by to identify the main problems of this movie, which are the script and the acting. In particular, the way the dialogues are presented are cringeworthy and is hard to get interested in the story or the characters. It is difficult to decide if the acting worsens some already unreal dialogues or if the dialogues worsen the acting, but let’s leave it at that they do not complement each other very well.

The premise that "Nun's Deadly Confession" presents is interesting, but not well executed. The plot follows a psychiatrist that attends a peculiar group of patients. By peculiar I mean that they are extravagant stereotypes of what each represents. Once the psychiatrist starts treating its patients, each story becomes a nonsense madness. Some lead to interesting moments, but in each, I was left perplexed trying to understand where the story was heading, and I do not write this in the good sense.

These stories are accompanied by an interesting soundtrack that, while I liked it, it is too present and ends up being a distraction. Another distractor is the editing, which has so many continuity errors that I even though they were done in purpose to support the absurdity of the movie. All of this combined with the script and acting issues, particularly with the dialogues, give it an amateur air in which they did not put much effort into taking care of the details.

"Nun's Deadly Confession" is a movie that tries to explore many ideas through the interaction of a psychiatrist and its patients, but the weak and inconsistent screenplay doesn't allow the viewer to be interested in anything that happens. Those that, as I did, manage to endure the almost two hours of runtime will do it only to see where this crazy story is heading. The outcome tries to give some sense to what develops in the story, but the unnatural way that the dialogues are delivered, do not manage to impress, or maybe I had already lost all hope and just wanted to reach the ending.

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